Aw, you are always such a helpful little bunny! Thank you! ♥ I wasn’t sure how it worked by switching the url, but that’s good to know. Clearly I need to spend a bit less time sewing and a bit more time figuring out the inner workings of tumblr. ;)

I’m sooo changeable!

So.. I was under the impression that tumblr forwarded accounts to new names, turns out, not so much. Or I did it wrong? Either is a valid possibility at this point. Either way: Oops.  Anyway, With that revelation comes a new announcement, my new -real new!- account is FabledStitches.

I know, I know, two name changes in under 24 hours - that’s a record even for me, but I want to say this one is totally going to stick. For a year, at least. ;)

Randomly, when I was making the (now old) new account, after SpeakGeekandEnter, I really wanted to keep the Geek part in there as sort of a link, hence GeekHalo.. However, I really wasn’t feeling it, especially since I have plans to make a few non-geeky dolls - I have the cutest little Satyr doll sketched out, you have no idea. (^__^)

Anyway, I figured a reference to fables would work because all the tv/movie/game geekery I adore now are sort of modern day fables, right? Totally!  And a Satyr (and other creature-y things) will fit right in. Plus, I love fairy tales. ~dreamy sigh~

So, massive apologies to all the people who followed GeekHalo. Um. It doesn’t seem to exist anymore. Hopefully it isn’t too much of an incovenience to click the little follow button once more. ~puppy dog eyes~

And though everything’s a bit bare, I should have photos up of my little Captain within the next 48 hours. \o/

mimskebooki asked: will you still be updating this blog now that you have a new one?

Nope. All new content will be posted on my new sites. I’ll only be checking on this account a few more times before I let it sit and fossilize. ;)